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Wilderness Trekking Training


Wilderness Trekking – backpacking for several days through the wild and remote mountains and river valleys of Montana – this Basecamp training is the core of the MOHAB program.

The objective of MOHAB’s Wilderness Trekking Training program is simple:

To empower participants with the mastery of critical wilderness travel skills that they can teach to others.

MOHAB’s Wilderness Trekking Training curriculum includes FIVE core areas:

  1. ULTRALIGHT BACKPACKING – The philosophy, equipment, and techniques of contemporary ultralight backpacking. We wholeheartedly adhere to the notion that we can reduce our pack weights with more knowledge, higher skills, and better planning!
  2. EXPEDITION COOKING – Learn how to prepare your own gourmet meals in the backcountry with minimal cooking equipment and lightweight ingredients.
  3. RISK MANAGEMENT – Become familiar with the process of making good decisions in the face of challenging and unpredictable circumstances that will empower you to be comfortable leading your own wilderness expedition.
  4. NAVIGATION – Learn the process of navigatingĀ quickly andĀ accurately, both on and off-trail, in forest, river, and mountain environments.
  5. INCLEMENT CONDITIONS – Learn how to use your gear to maximum advantage, especially shelters, sleep systems, and clothing systems, for inclement mountain weather conditions.