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Wilderness Packrafting Training


Wilderness Packrafting skills covered at Basecamp will allow you to travel in a solo, lightweight inflatable whitewater raft – safely and quickly – down wilderness rivers!

The packrafting program is one of a kind, the MOHAB staff incredibly knowledgeable who really have created a true ‘boy lead’ program.  The experience has made a huge positive impact on our Scouts and their leadership skills. – Dan C., Adult Leader

MOHAB offered the world’s FIRST packrafting training program for Scouts in 2013, and is the only High Adventure Base in the United States that offers a Wilderness Packrafting curriculum.

The objective of MOHAB’s Wilderness Packrafting training program is:

To learn and practice packrafting skills, and to use packrafts during a remote wilderness traverse involving both mountain travel (by foot) and lake/river travel (by packraft).

MOHAB’s Wilderness Packrafting curriculum includes FIVE core areas:

  • PACKRAFTING EQUIPMENT – How to select, use and maintain wilderness packrafting gear.
  • PACKRAFTING SKILLS – Learn safe and effective techniques for traveling and communicating through water corridors, including lakes and rivers.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT – The process of making safe decisions in real-time while navigating unknown rivers through river scouting and group skills assessment.
  • NAVIGATION – Learn the process of on-water navigation quickly and accurately.
  • PACKRAFT PLANNING – Learn how to incorporate packrafts as a tool in planning wilderness expeditions.