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Troop 30 – Texas

“The Troop has done three week-long treks–one in 2012, one in 2015, and another in 2016–and each of the crews described it was one of the highlights of their scouting careers. The base camp at the Roosevelt Ranch is fantastic, and the scenery and terrain on the trail are stupendous. Furthermore, the leadership and program are unparalleled. Make no mistake: while the staff and trek leaders are top-notch, the trek is Scout-led. The Scouts are offered options and then pick the route; the Scouts choose and pack their food and provisions; the Scouts make the key decisions on the trail, picking and setting up camps. It’s hard to imagine a better proving ground for kids learning how to handle a demanding outdoor trek. I’ve been twice and I’d go again in a heartbeat.” – Daron S., Adult
“MOHAB was the most fun campout I’ve been on. The scenery is amazing and the walks are unforgettable. The water is super good to drink and super fresh. The instructors there are great, are lots of fun and are super professional. Super fun 10/10 would do it again with the same crew.” – Joaquin P., 15
“The Montana wilderness was the perfect place to spend a weekend with a crew. The scenery was unlike anywhere else and there are tons of trails that can be picked based on the type of trek you want. The staff made it a blast for our crew to lead the hike on our own and were happy to help us find where and how we wanted to hike.” – Kyle S., 15

Troop 212 – Califorina

“Seeing that I want to major in Fish and Wildlife Biology and Conservation getting to experience the vast Bob Marshall Wilderness was the time of my life. I had so many amazing experiences in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to and I will never forget.” – Corbin R., Scout

“Getting to explore the BobMarshalll Wilderness with some of my closest friends was one of the best experiences of my scouting career.  It was great learning to packraft and navigate through wilderness without trails.  It was an opportunity to show case my scouting skills while learning new ones in an environment that was rigorously challenging, but also fun.” – Spencer L., Scout


“My most favorite scouting memory was our trip to MOHAB during my last year of Scouting.  We had a blast fishing, floating and backpacking on our 2-week adventure in Montana.  Looking back the on the experience I realize the brotherhood we formed on that trek is priceless.” – David C., Scout

“My experience on the MOHAB high adventure was incredible.  Being able to spend a week out in the “Bob” with some of my closest buddies was an amazing adventure opportunity as well as an amazing learning opportunity.  I would definitely do it again.” – Chad S., Scout


“MOHAB was an amazing experience. The “Bob” was so beautiful and had so much to offer.  The fishing was unreal.  The way I was forced into leadership roles was like no other and helped shape me into a man.  I would love to do it again!” – Spencer D., Scout

“MOHAB was and experience I will never forget.  The time on the trail and fishing are some of my best scouting memories.” – Randell G., Scout


“MOHAB was a great experience. It was my first high adventure trek and couldn’t have been any better.  The views and rafting was awesome.  The guys who helped us run the trek were great and I truly appreciate how much they taught us.” – Calvin G., Scout

“MOHAB was the pinnacle of my trekking experience, covering over 100+ miles on foot and river.  The scenery in the Bob Marshall Wilderness was epic!  Spending the 4th of July along the Chinese Wall is a memory that I will never forget.  Definitely recommend the MOHAB trek to everyone who wants a great wilderness packrafting experience.” – Steve B., Adult Leader


“Our troop has sent 3 groups to MOHAB over the last 2 years.  The packrafting program is one of a kind, the MOHAB staff incredibly knowledgeable who really have created a true ‘boy lead’ program.  The experience has made a huge positive impact on our Scouts and their leadership skills.  I should also mention that the Bob Marshall is probably the most spectacular, remote wilderness experience you can find in the lower 48.  The whole experience is A+.” – Dan C., Adult Leader