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Programs for Troops, Teams & Crews


Attend MOHAB as a Boy Scout Troop, Varsity Team, or Venture Crew!

Bring both Scouts and Leaders from your own troop or crew to MOHAB and sign up for a MOHAB Program. Large units can split into multiple smaller high adventure crews at MOHAB, with each crew participating in the MOHAB Program that best fits their age, ability, and interests.

The advantages of participating as a Troop, Team, or Crew are:

  1. Cost savings (per person) for travel to and from MOHAB;
  2. The ability to build unit friendship and loyalty through shared experience;
  3. Customizing your MOHAB experience so it best meets the needs and abilities of your unit.

Additional Programming

In addition to MOHAB’s High Adventure Program, we offer these basecamp programs designed to give you a more well-rounded experience as well as allow you to explore the beautiful Theodore Roosevelt Ranch. These programs will be scheduled in as time allows to compliment our high adventure trekking instruction. Please let us know after registering if you have a preference for any of these programs.

  • Wildlife Identification & Tracking
  • Birds of the Rocky Mountain Front
  • Rocky Mountain Plant Identification
  • Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch Conservation Projects
  • Shooting Sports – Shotgun & Rifle