Programs for Adult Leaders


MOHAB’s unique Adult Leader Training Camps offer leadership development opportunities for adult leaders that won’t be found anywhere else!

The advantages of attending a MOHAB Adult Leader Training Course include:

  1. The opportunity to learn the practices and processes that other unit leaders use, which you can use to strengthen your own unit;
  2. The chance to participate in a MOHAB Program which can strengthen your skills as a leader, and excite your leadership to promote MOHAB Programs for your Scouts;
  3. Participating in an immersive learning environment to learn skills that are not available anywhere else!

Our signature Adult Leader Training Courses include:

  1. Philmont Crew Preparation – Learn how to prepare your Crew for Philmont and plan and execute a successful Philmont expedition; learn how to go as light as possible without compromising comfort, safety, or Philmont policy.
  2. Ultralight Backpacking – Learn the philosophy, skills, and equipment for going lighter while having more fun and being safer; learn how to implement an ultralight backpacking program in your unit.

Contact us today to attend our adult leader specific training!