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Program Overview

MOHAB offers two types of wilderness training programs:

  • Wilderness Trekking Training (backpacking only)
  • Wilderness Packrafting Training (backpacking + packrafting)

MOHAB training programs are designed to give scouts the skills and training necessary while at Basecamp that will prepare them to lead their own safe and successful wilderness expedition.

Each trek will be provided with a volunteer trek director who’s primary responsibility is offering insight into safe-decision making. Trek Directors are not guides. Please refer to the MOHAB Resources page and download the Leader’s Guide for a detailed description of the trek roles and responsibilities for participants and staff.

Each of these two program types are offered at two different levels of difficulty to match up with your age, experience, and interests. Click here to view the MOHAB Difficulty Rating Table.

Level I is our one-week, challenging yet introductory program. Level II programs are two weeks and are MOHAB’s premiere experiences for older, more experienced Scouts and include:

  • 50 MILER AWARD PROGRAM (Wilderness Trekking II) – a comprehensive two-week program that includes extensive backpacking and expedition leadership instruction. Includes a conservation project. Participants who successfully complete this program will earn the BSA 50 Miler Award!
  • MOHAB EXTREME (Wilderness Packrafting II) – the nation’s longest traverse – a 100+ mile adventure through the remotest wilderness area in America! The EXTREME curriculum includes comprehensive and advanced skills development in the areas of ultralight backpacking, whitewater packrafting, expedition leadership, and conservation. Participants who complete this program will earn a coveted medal – The MOHAB High Adventure Award of Merit.
Program Name Difficulty Level Trekking Packrafting Total Mileage Trek Duration Program Duration
Wilderness Trekking I Level I on/off trail none 35 5 days 7 days
Wilderness Trekking II (50 Miler Award Program) Level II on/off trail none 50+ 12 days 14 days
Wilderness Packrafting I Level I+ on/off trail stillwater to Class I+/II- rivers 30 5 days 7 days
Wilderness Packrafting II (MOHAB Extreme) Level II+ on/off trail stillwater to Class II+/III- rivers 100 12 days 14 days


  • Wilderness Trekking II is MOHAB’s 50-Miler Program, and includes extensive base-camp skills training and “shakedown” exercises prior to the trek to ensure a high rate of success for all participants.
  • Wilderness Packrafting II is the “MOHAB Extreme” – a true long duration expedition over an extreme distance (100 miles or more). Enrollment in this program requires previous wilderness backpacking experience, a high level of fitness, and a letter of recommendation from your unit leader.