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Program Difficulty Ratings

MOHAB Programs are classified into two levels of difficulty and are matched to particular age and experience levels:

Difficulty Level Minimum Age Distance Traveled Pack Weights (Trekking Courses) Pack Weights (Packrafting Courses) Program Duration
Level I 14 Up to 8 Miles/Day Up to 30 Pounds Up to 40 Pounds One Week
Level II 15 Up to 12 Miles/Day Up to 35 Pounds Up to 45 Pounds Two Week

Note: I corresponds to the one-week program. II corresponds to the two-week program. Distance traveled is based on the route created by the trekking crew.

Please note: The length, difficulty, and route for a trek is limited by 1) Mother Nature, and 2) the fitness level of the trekking crew. Please review our leader’s guide for instructions on fitness training for your crew. The snowpack conditions for the trekking area can be found online at the NRCS website. Please review this information prior to your trek so you can understand expected conditions and how those influence the route selection.