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Expedition Leadership Training


Expedition Leadership skills developed at MOHAB prepare Scouts with life skills that can be used in their family, workplace, and community.

The fishing was unreal.  The way I was forced into leadership roles was like no other and helped shape me into a man.  I would love to do it again! – Spencer D., Scout

The objective of MOHAB’s Expedition Skills curriculum is:

To provide a wilderness group living environment that focuses on using the Patrol Method to set and accomplish goals while serving one another.

MOHAB’s Expedition Leadership curriculum includes FIVE core areas:

  1. EXPEDITION BEHAVIOR – Conflict resolution, self-sacrifice, service to the crew, loyalty, motivation, respect, honor.
  2. ORGANIZATION – Managing equipment, skill sets, taking inventory, developing and following processes.
  3. DECISION-MAKING – Tapping into the competencies of the group while evaluating environmental challenges to make good decisions as part of a sound risk-management framework.
  4. EMBRACING UNCERTAINTY – Recognizing that challenge and uncertainty are the most certain things in life! And that they should be embraced with enthusiasm and courage, and overcome with a rational approach to decision making that allows challenges to be overcome and trials to be managed appropriately.
  5. SELF-AWARENESS – The ability to take responsibility, understand assigned roles, take initiative, and recognize the important part you play as a team member.